US Mortgage Lending Model

In America – the largest and most developed mortgage lending market in the world, both in terms of organization and the number of financial instruments. The United States managed to occupy a leading position due to the formation of a transparent liquid secondary market and effective interaction between its participants. The Continue Reading

Mortgage. Mortgage loan features

The term “mortgage” came from the Greek language and in translation means a pledge. If we talk about mortgages, in relation to real estate, then we are talking primarily about the loan, which is issued on the security of real estate. If the loan is not returned, the bank sells the collateral Continue Reading


Mortgage lending is a long-term loan provided by a bank to a legal or natural person on the security of real estate: land, industrial and residential buildings, premises, and facilities. The subject of the mortgage is the property remaining in the possession of the mortgagor. Mortgage lending is part of a market Continue Reading

All about mortgage

Real estate in the United States of America can be purchased on credit. The interest rate on mortgages in the United States is lower than in Russian banks. But for foreigners, American lenders have special credit conditions. Conditions for obtaining a mortgage in the US In America, there are two mortgage lending Continue Reading


Mortgage rates in the United States are among the lowest in the world – from 3% to 7%. The size of the rate is affected by the state of the economy, political changes and other factors. Between 2016 and 2017, the rate increased by 0.7% due to the presidential elections and amounted Continue Reading

Mortgage lending in the US in 2019 for Russians: conditions, banks and interest rate

The United States is a country with favorable mortgage lending, both for the Americans themselves and for foreign citizens. Low interest rates, loyalty to potential customers and the development of the country’s economy are the factors that determine the high demand for mortgages. Let us consider in more detail what features a Continue Reading

Mortgages in the United States for Americans and foreigners

As you know, one of the main components of the American dream is nothing but your own home. It’s no secret that the United States of America is among the most profitable countries in the field of lending, especially mortgage. Low interest rates on loans, loyal attitude to borrowers and a high Continue Reading

What is the percentage of mortgages in the US?

Everyone wants to have their own housing for themselves and their families, but it is not always possible to purchase real estate with their own savings. In this case, many seek help from banks to get a mortgage. If you are considering moving to the United States, and want to get there Continue Reading

Mortgage in the US can be taken remotely, but is it worth it?

Mortgages in America are far from the cheapest in the world: the smallest annual loan rates in Japan, Switzerland, and the rest of the Eurozone countries. However, its conditions seem more acceptable than in Russia, where the bank interest on a loan today is on average 7–9%. But this is Continue Reading